From my basic calculations, it looks like I will have to save about £1400 to make my trip to Sulaymaniyah and join the YPG.

I am working for minimum wage, but will try to start a savings account to get some of the essentials. My first priority is my passport, which requires travel to London. I hope, with enough convincing, I may be able to receive funds in the form of gifts to afford my trip to Sulaymaniyah. I am slightly worried for the state of my housing/employment when and if I return, but I remain convinced I must travel and help the Kurdish people. My only hope is that I don’t arrive too late.

I am talking to family and friends about my cover, so as to ingrain it into my head. I am traveling to Sulaymaniyah with a friend (Jimmy Smith) who is a journalist. I am mostly there to carry and operate his equipment, but he brought me along to offer a secondary viewpoint as a published poet. Jimmy is arriving the week after me, along with the cameras. I may have to ask the Lions of Rojava for a good cover story. I am thinking a letter from a hostel confirming my stay or a letter from a news company or such confirming my details.

I wonder if I take a one-way trip if I will still be granted my tourist visa? And if I leave having breached the term of my visa if I will be allowed to go? These are things to consider for the future. I would like to return home when the situation is better, but I suppose I will only know that once I am there.


First Post

Today I have written out a budget and equipment list for my eventual travel to Suleymaniyah. I will need to save up for a year or more. I am currently working in McDonalds on minimum wage and so am struggling.

I also went to the gym to begin my training program.